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Crown or Cap is a full coverage of the tooth by porcelain, gold or metal, that gets cemented permanently. Indications for the crown are:

 - Damage or fracture tooth due to decay or trauma.
 - To protect the weak tooth structure such as large fillings. 
 - To cover a root canal tooth.
 - To cover a dental implant.
 - To cover a discolored or misaligned tooth.

Bridges are made to cover one or multiple missing teeth.

How crown and bridged made:

First the dentist shapes the tooth properly. In the past after preparation of the tooth  impression would be taken and the lab would fabricate the crown. The patient had to come back for the second visit to get the crown cemented.

The new technology called CAD/CAM by CEREC has made it possibe to fabricate the crown in the office  and deliver the crown at the same appointment eliminating the second visit.

Crowns and Bridges