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TeethXpress, a service that fixes your teeth in a day, is a highly convenient way for people to deal with broken or missing teeth as well as tooth loss problems.

Millions of people are missing one or more of their teeth, thereby, requiring the use of removable dentures, partial dentures, or bridgeworks. If you are struggling with loose teeth and feel self conscious smiling or eating in public, TeethXpress could be your immediate solution

TeethXpress is a quick, pain-free dental implant procedure that replaces and restores all your teeth in a day. It will help you love your smile again and once again enjoy the foods you used to love.  

If you are tired of dental work that has failed your partial dentures or missing teeth, call for your consultation  to see if you are a good candidate for TeethXpress. Only four to six implants and a couple of procedural hours will sculpt a new set of beautiful teeth, giving you the smile and confidence that you have always dreamed of.

Dr.Shakoori  has been working  with certified surgeons for over 18 years to give you the most beautiful, high quality, and longest-lasting smile you deserve. You can be back to work and your lifestyle in as little as a few days .

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